The longest 2 bones in our body form the knee joint. These “joining” long bones and their range of motion provide us with great mobility in our daily lives. We can suddenly squat, sit down, get up or jump. Our bodies can move 1m upwards or downwards. Even though our ankles and hips contribute to our mobility, our knees are the most important factor we are able to be active.

Knee pain change our life styles. Our activity level decreases, we gain weight, then our additional body weight increases the load on our knees. Then our knees ache more, our activity level decreases even more, and thus we enter a downward spiral. Even our metabolism is affected negatively. The solution is to break free is to solve this knee pain and return to our active life styles.

Normal knees don’t ache, lock up or swell. Damage in the cartilage tissue, a tear in the meniscus, a tear in the ligaments cause the knees to ache, swell or lock up.

1 kg of our body weight puts 4kg of load on our knees. This load even goes up to 8-10kg during sports activities. Even if we lose 2 kg weight, it liberates our knees of approximately 8kg of daily load.


Prof Dr. Uğur Haklar

Prof. Dr. Uğur Haklar, M.D. is a resident of his own Knee Clinic and 

is a resident of Liv Hospital – Ulus and is a lecturer in

Bahcesehir University Faculty of Medicine.


  • Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

  • MAKOplasty (Robotic knee surgery)

  • Non-surgical Treatments of the Knee

  • Sports Injuries of the Knee

  • Knee Ligament Surgeries

  • Knee Cartilage Repair Surgeries, Cartilage Growing and Transplantation

  • Meniscus Surgery, Repair, Implants and Transplantations

  • Broken Bone Repair around the Knee Joint

  • Knee Resurfacing Implants, Partial and Total Knee Implants

  • Surgical Solutions for Knee Deformities



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